We spent some time with Jordan

Before one of her yoga classes at The Lanserhof, we asked Jordan what movement meant to her. 

Jordan in Yaz top in taupe and shorts in black

1. What does movement mean to you?

To me, movement means freedom. I feel that movement always gives me the chance to explore and create and discover new things about myself and others. 

Especially during this pandemic. We've all been stripped of so many things such as being able to travel wherever and whenever which is a big part of who I am - I evolve through travelling and exploring! So I've found myself exploring movement on my mat, creating space and discovering that I can continue to travel and enjoy the freedom that resides within my mind and my body. 


2. What do you do to boost your mood? 

Whenever I'm feeling sticky or low I always clean and create a really cozy space. I light candles, burn incense and then usually put on some vibey music and have a little wiggle on my mat. 

The cherry on top would be a face mask in a bubble bath afterwards. So I guess space and self care gives me a nice boost! 

Jordan in the new Sara Bralette, coming in Spring 2021 and leggings in liquorice.

3. How are you a conscious consumer?

I try to be mindful of what it is I "want" vs what it is I "need". I catch myself looking at pretty things saying ouuuu I want that!! Then I have to check myself and say but do I really need it? Like will this object or piece of clothing make my life that much better? I also try my best to shop second hand and steer clear of high street fast fashion. I think it's the little mindful moves we make that creates a difference.

Jordan in Bea Top in Taupe

4. How do you feel about the future of sustainability?

I actually have faith that we are heading in the right direction. Like I said it's the little moves daily that make the difference. Whenever I'm in the shops and I see other people bringing in their own bags it gives me hope. When I discover brands like Studio Ehr who are so passionate about creating sustainable fashion and when I find myself having amazing discussions with friends about how we need to make changes on the regular. I think it's a topic showing up more and more which is a beautiful thing! Don't get me wrong, I know that it's a long road to travel but I think a major shift is happening and we have to trust that it's into a new world where sustainability and compassion and love for all beings is at the forefront!