Why buying from sustainable businesses is good for everyone

Sustainable brands like Studio Éhr are a rapidly growing movement in the fashion industry, and for good reason. More and more consumers are becoming aware of the impact their shopping habits have on the environment, and are seeking out sustainable brands as a way to reduce their carbon footprint. Here, we'll explore why it's important to buy from sustainable brands like Studio Ehr and the benefits that come with doing so.

What do we mean when we say a 'sustainable brand'?

We choose to prioritise ethical and environmentally friendly practices in our production processes. This includes using materials that are recycled nylon waste, helping in reducing waste in our lands and seas, and supporting fair and local labor practices.

Why buy from Studio Éhr?

  1. Reducing your carbon footprint

By choosing to buy from us, you are making a conscious effort to reduce your carbon footprint. We use materials and production methods that have a lower impact on the environment, and in some cases a postitive by keeping waste materials in circulation for longer. Which also helps to reduce the amount of waste created by overproduction during the manufacturing process.

  1. Supporting ethical labor practices

We prioritise fair labor practices, our team of London based garments makers are paid a living wage and have safe working conditions. This is in contrast to many fast fashion brands, which are notorious for exploiting workers in developing countries.

  1. High-quality, long-lasting clothing

Nothing gets us more excited than seeing our garments worn on repeat.  We use exceptional quality materials and production finishing methods, which means that our clothing is built to last. Yes, it can be a little more expensive than other brands, but the investment pays off in the long run as you'll be able to wear the item for years to come.

  1. Supporting small businesses

Many sustainable brands like Studio Éhr are small businesses, which means that your purchase directly supportsour mission and vision for the future. Your support means you are helping to promote a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry.


Buying from sustainable brands like Studio Éhr, is a simple but powerful way to reduce your carbon footprint and support a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry. By choosing to invest in high-quality, long-lasting clothing from Studio Éhr that prioritize the environment and fair labor practices, you are contributing to a brighter future for both people and the planet.