About May

Hello beautiful people. I'm May the founder of Studio Éhr. My Farsi name is Mehrnaz ( the 'R' is silent ). Éhr comes from the three middle letters of my Farsi name and stands for Earth, Harmony and Restoration. The pillars of our brand. 
I was born in the Iran, raised in the U.A.E and have called London home for the past two decades. 
I love and advocate for daily movement. My routine now is doing Barre & Reformer Pilates. I used to be a big fan of HIIT workouts when I was younger, but now I prefer something a little less intense but still spicy. Barre and Pilates offers that. Plus, long walks.
I also picked up tennis a few years ago, that is where the idea for the 'Yaz Dress' was born. I have continued to play tennis, rather terribly. 
I love to try new sports and workouts when I have time. Movement for me is part of my daily routine and it should be for you! And why not look insanely good while working out wearing Studio Éhr? 
I would love to be able to hold Forearm Stand for longer than 3 seconds. 
And my current obsession is our Yaz Top in Hibiscus. The most beautiful peach colour with a slight shimmer.